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DUCTZ of Louisiana's service professionals cover a wide range of air quality services and industries, including:


DUCTZ® of Louisiana's training and experience has made us the choice of leading marine and offshore companies, as well as, institutional companies like hospitals, schools and Fortune 500 companies. They call DUCTZ®, and they tell their customers about us. That's how we've discovered the success we've had for so many years. We hire quality, high-caliber professionals and provide only the most state-of-the-art services utilizing our patented cleaning process, while following all national guidelines and regulations on every call. Our technicians are NADCA certified and OSCHA compliant. Each technician is trained in DUCTZ'® own specific training program and is overseen by our in-house Safety Manager.

Our Patented Cleaning Process

DUCTZ® patented cleaning process adheres and exceeds to all NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) standards.

This is the national standard that is recognized as the best and most responsible way to remediate an HVAC system.

Our process involves any number of 127 identifiable and distinct tasks. It demands an array of tools, machinery, and supplies. And, it includes our exclusive patented cleaning process, which involves the application of a metallic barrier in the air handler, eliminating fiberglass shedding and preventing the fiberglass from acting like an absorbent sponge, which collects dirt and moisture and creates a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and fungi.

Our technicians are trained in the complete step-by-step process, gaining full understanding of not only how we clean to this high standard, but also why.

What Does A Typical Cleaning Process Entail?

DUCTZ® scope of services is divided between consulting and remediation.

Our consulting service typically includes:

Assessments of facility operations and HVAC/Air Conveyance Systems;
Inspections of air handlers, ductwork, shafts, chases, plenums, pipes, walls, ceilings, and floors utilizing cable video, fiberoptic, borescopic, and robotic equipment; and
Documentation of inspection and assessment, including photos, videos, and mechanical hygiene reports.

The steps involved in our remediation services includes:

Containment Technology - creating customized build-out containments and utilizing HEPA filtered vacuums and collection devices;
Physical Agitation that is implemented with compressed air powered brushes, air sweeps, and whips;
Source Removal such as insulation and filtration medium, particulate matter and chemical and biological contamination; and
Treatment that involves application of mechanical insulation repair coating and EPA registered sanitizing agent.