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DUCTZ Now You Can Breathe Easy

Thank you for visiting DUCTZ of Louisiana - an affiliate of the national DUCTZ corporate family and the area's premiere choice for professional indoor air quality services.

When we started in this business, we wanted to provide people with state-of-the-art services designed to improve the indoor air they breathe. After all, the National Energy Management Institute (NEMI) estimates that poor indoor air quality accounts for $63 billion in decreased productivity and healthcare costs each year.

What we quickly found out is that improving indoor air quality entailed more than cleaning air ducts in peoples' homes. It also meant we had to understand and be able to service the intricate circulation, exhaust and ventilation systems in their workplaces, in the schools they attend, in the stores where they shop, and in the places they congregate - in essence, in any indoor home or business. That also meant that, over the years, we've had to continually broaden our range of services and expertise to meet the needs of our growing customer base.

Today, DUCTZ of Louisiana boasts a staff of NADCA Certified service professionals - experts covering a wide range of air quality services and industries, including:

Commercial • Industrial • Governmental • Institutional • Marine • Offshore

People are becoming more and more aware of the fragile state of the air they breathe. And when they consider the fact that they may work in a facility with "sick building syndrome," or live in a home where molds and other irritants may be present, they don't want a fly-by-night service company. They call DUCTZ, and they tell their friends about us. That's how we've discovered the success we've had for so many years. We hire quality, high-caliber professionals and provide only the most state-of-the-art services, following all national guidelines and regulations on every call.

For more information about DUCTZ of Louisiana and our wide range of services - or to schedule a free estimate - call us at any one of our four Louisiana locations. We're happy to help you any way we can.


Robert John Delhommer
Owner, DUCTZ® Louisiana