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Where there's exhaust, there's fire hazard. You may not know it, but there's an area of your restaurant that has the potential to ignite fires, pollute the internal air, and cost you thousands of dollars in damage, repair and downtime. That area is your kitchen exhaust system. Many restaurant professionals tend to overlook the kitchen ventilation system - until a fire starts or you get a visit by the fire marshal or health inspector. The fact is that kitchen exhaust system maintenance isn't only a precaution, it's the law.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) set the standard for cleaning of such ventilation systems in its 1998 edition of the NFPA 96: Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations. This regulation states that "floods, grease removal devices, fans, ducts, and other appurtenances shall be cleaned to bare metal at frequent intervals prior to surfaces becoming heavily contaminated with grease or oil sludge. After the exhaust system is cleaned to bare metal, it shall not be coated with powder or other substance."

It's a dirty job. Rely on DUCTZ¨ to do it. DUCTZ¨ of Louisiana includes key personnel trained specifically for kitchen exhaust system cleaning. These professionals make their service calls after hours, so as not to disrupt business or interfere with customers or employees. They also take special care to ensure no other areas of the kitchen are contaminated during the cleaning and that all tools, covers, solvents, etc., are removed from the kitchen after the service is completed.

Documentation of regular cleaning could be invaluable during the next inspection by a fire marshal or health inspector. DUCTZ¨ will provide you with appropriate documentation pertaining to each service call. We can even set you up on a regular cleaning schedule and call to remind you when your business is due for a cleaning.

Go ahead! Put DUCTZ¨ of Louisiana to work on cleaning your dirtiest venthood and exhaust system. Our trained professionals will:

  • Work around your schedule, so your business is not disrupted;
  • Clean up after performing the service;
  • Keep scheduled appointments;
  • Offer preventive maintenance.

Prevent clothes dryer fires. Each year, 15,500 American families suffer home fires associated with their clothes dryers. These fires are responsible for approximately 10 deaths, 310 injuries, and $96,000,000 in property damage. Lack of maintenance is the leading cause of dryer fires with lint sited as the leading material to ignite. The fires may be caused by:

  • Failure of mechanical and/or electrical parts within the dryer;
  • Improper materials placed in the dryer;
  • Insufficient airflow as a result of impoper installation.

Dryer cleaning - a simple solution. Unlike many health and safety issues we are faced with in the home, this safety problem has an easy and economical solution. A thorough inspection by the professionals at DUCTZ¨. It is the best way to prevent the possibility of a dryer fire harming your family.

A key to effective dryer performance is optimal airflow. A properly installed all-metal dryer vent will help ensure this airflow. DUCTZ¨ will check to ensure there is proper airflow for the dryer and that the right equipment is in use. Reduced airflow and lint build-up cause overheating and prevent fast drying action. When this happens, the high temperature limit safety switches cycle on and off continuously and thus may fail over a period of time. This results in higher costs of operation and could result in a costly and dangerous dryer fire.

Advance Warning Signs

  • Clothes (especially towels or jeans) take a very long time to dry.
  • Clothes are hotter than usual at the end of the cycle.
  • Flapper on vent hood doesnŐt open when dryer is on.

If you notice any of these signs, schedule a professional dryer cleaning or inspection immediately. You could save money and even your life with this simple procedure.